Wednesday, March 7, 2012


   Vyšehrad is a castle located on the hill over Vltava river. It was built in the second half of 10th century. There is a basilica of Saint Peter and Paul, Vyšehrad cemetry where many famous, important people are buried.

Vyšehrad with Saint Peter and Paul basilica.

   Vyšehrad was heavily destroyed during history. The remaining things are few buildings and walls. Especially in the spring and summer a small walk around the walls is so refreshing, relaxing and you can enjoy the historic part with amazing view on Prague and Vltava.

   There is a legend about Horymír, who was senteced to death. The army caught him on cliff but his brave horse, Šemík, decided to jump down from the very high reef. The horse died during the jump, but Horymír survived. The prince was so amazed that he gave him a grace.


  1. Yea, its beautiful place, its a really good place for long walks :-)

  2. Vyšehrad cemetry, isn't it a place where Václav Havel was buried recently?

    1. Actually no, Havel's last wish was to rest next to his first wife that died in 1996, Olga, her and both his parents are buried at Vinohrady in a family Crypt. So its also the place where he rests.

  3. Wow every time I look here I want to visit more and more! Keep up the great work

  4. wow, i think that's a really beautiful sight.
    According to what I have heard, the Czech Republic is one of the best places in Europe to visit ancient buildings, and most of them are well conserved.

  5. I was in prague once, hardly got to see any of the sights, I'll be following from here

  6. It is worth mentioning that the zenith of Vyšehrad was the seat of Vratislaus II - he transfered his seat to it from Prague Castle. Beautiful place with beautiful history.