Saturday, March 3, 2012

Charles bridge

   Who was ever in Prague and haven't visited this bridge was not actual visitor of Prague. This is the place where you feel the atmosphere of Prague. It's crowded by tourist every day since morning til' night. There are many statues built throughout the history of Czech state. You can pay to speedpainters or karikatourists to paint you a picture of yourself or your partner. Always care for pickpockets, this is probably the place where the amount of pickpockets is the highest in Prague.
   Charles bridge is in the city center, easily reached by metro. Many of restaurants around there. 

Pedestrian only
Made of Bohemian sandstone
About 520m long
Designed by Peter Parler, built by Charles IV.
built from 1357 to 1402

   The legend says that eggs were added in the cement substance and it was actually proved lately by scientists. Many people believe that this is the reason Charles bridge survived all floods including those devastating in 2002. 


  1. That egg thing made me laugh out loud! Haha :)

  2. Eggs as a building material, who would have thought :D

  3. Haven't been here when I was in Prague :O !